Guys, I Have So Many Feelings About Friends

by Tina

I have so many feelings about Friends, you guys!

Poor Jill Goodacre must have thought she was about to be murdered. In "The One With The Blackout," Chandler is trapped in an ATM vestibule with a model. His awkwardness (read: inability to form a coherent sentence) is played for laughs, but that poor woman must have thought she was straight up trapped with a serial killer. And thus a whole generation of men think that they are adorkable instead of terrifying.

Speaking of screwing up a whole generation of men, do you remember that Friends invented (or at least popularized) the idea of getting "friend zoned," but in context the idea is absurd because (ten year old spoiler alert) Ross is not actually "friend zoned." Because it's not a thing.

Speaking of Ross and Rachel, I don't care for them as a couple. Ross is a whiny douche who is not good enough for the magnificent butterfly that is Rachel Green. But damned if the Ross and Rachel mythology episodes aren't well written classics that make me cheer. "I got off the plane" gets me every time!

Stop complaining about how big the apartments are. It's the airline food joke of commenting on sitcoms. The size of the apartments is explained. Monica: rent control. Chandler: actually has a good job as a transponster. Phoebe: lives with her grandmother, so probably some combination of rent control and a decent job. Besides, do you think they could fit three cameras in an average sized New York apartment? Because they could not.

Gay characters are treated oddly in this show. It was considered super progressive for having a lesbian wedding, but Chandler's father is a confusing, regressive stereotype. It's makes the show feel very dated but also like a perfect time capsule of attitudes towards gay people during the Clinton era.

Has anyone ever actually seen Joey? I don't know anyone who has, so I'm not convinced that it's not all a hilarious prank.

Phoebe taught me that if you call it floopy, you can get away with being a total bitch.

Janis is underrated. She's a wonderful human being with a good heart, and Chandler could have done worse.

There is nothing more 90's than having a monkey on your show.

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