Every Sweater Mabel Wears In Season One Of Gravity Falls: A Definitive Ranking

By: Tina

August 11, 2016

41. Purple Sequins - Headhunters

I think Mabel knows that despite the sparkle, this is the weakest of her many sweaters. That's why we never see her actually wearing it.

40. Purple Cat 2 - The Hand That Rocks The Mabel

This sweater is a fine sweater taken on its own. It would rank higher if not for the fact that it is the lesser of the two purple cat sweaters that Mabel owns.

39. Purple And Yellow Stripes - Summerween

You can't blame this sweater too much for being dull. It doesn't want to overshadow the summerween costumes we see in this same episode.

38. Red Chevron - Tourist Trapped

37. Purple and Blue Waves - Time Traveler's Pig

36. Orange Heart Sweater - The Legend Of The Gobblewonker

35. Hearts - Carpet Diem

34. Stars - Boyz Crazy

33. Red Stripes With Pocket - Little Dipper

It's got a pocket. The better for holding your gummy treats.

32. Owl - Land Before Swine

31. Mushroom - Dipper vs. Manliness

30. Flamingo - Land Before Swine

29. Music Note - The Inconveniencing

28. Daisy - Tourist Trapped

27. Watermelon - Bottomless Pit

26. Sunset - Dreamscapers

In a rare display of subtlety, Mabel marks an episode about dreams with a sunset sweater.

25. Strawberry - Headhunters

24. Heart Wearing Sunglasses - The Legend Of The Gobblewonker

What's cooler than a sun wearing sunglasses? A heart wearing sunglasses.

23. Four-Leaf Clover - Fight Fighters

22. Umbrella - The Hand That Rocks The Mabel

Perfectly on theme since Mabel is bringing the thunder.

21. 80s Sweater - Double Dipper

20. UFO - Land Before Swine

19. Thumbs Up - Gideon Rises

18. Disco Ball - Land Before Swine

You wish you were this cool.

17. Burger And Fries - Boss Mabel

16. Cursor - Bottomless Pit

15. Wolf Howling At The Moon - Bottomless Pit


14. Penguin - The Hand That Rocks The Mabel

13. Llama - Headhunters

No spoilers, but this sweater might rank higher in the season 2 list.

12. Ball Of Yarn - Bottomless Pit

A sweater of yarn. So meta.

11. Carol Corp - Double Dipper

Proof positive. Mabel is in Carol Corps.

10. Seahorse - Deep End

9. Light Up Mabel - Opening Credits

This one would rank higher if Mabel wore it in an episode and not just in the credits. And if it had a battery pack. As is, there's a real mobility issue.

8. Meow Wow - Tourist Trapped

7. Mabel - The Hand That Rocks The Mabel

You should always be careful not to wear sweaters that assist cold reads.

6. Mystery Shack - Gideon Rises

When Gideon takes control of the Shack, Mabel shows her team spirit by making herself this Mystery Shack themed sweater.

5. Scout's Honor / Crossed Fingers - Fight Fighters

A sweater that doubles as an advertisement for duplicity? I'm on board.

4. Butterfly - The Hand That Rocks The Mabel

This sweater doubles as protection for when the world is just too much, man.

3. Pig and Girl Set - Land Before Swine

I mean...it's so cute. I just...I can't even with how cute this is.

2. Air Bud - Irrational Treasure

A sweater that symbolizes all of the weird joy that is Mabel's secret power.

1. Shooting Star - Tourist Trapped

There was no way this sweater would not be number one. It is the ultimate Mabel sweater: shooting star.

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